Following my brother John’s prostate cancer operation in 2006, I had annual PSA tests. I had not experienced any of the symptoms associated with prostate cancer, but in 2009 my PSA rose from 3.5 to 6.0.  Within an eight week period, I had a biopsy, discussions, and a radical prostatectomy. I am pleased to say that, since then, my PSA level has been less than 0.01. I consider myself to be very much one of the lucky ones, having been diagnosed early. I am very aware that the cancer may return one day.

Early in 2010, Rose Southby asked recently treated patients if they would be interested in forming a support group. In March 2010, four of us agreed and The Oxfordshire Prostate Cancer Support Group was started.

We are doing what we can to improve awareness. The fact that ‘symptoms’ are not always apparent makes the need for testing very important.  Providing the opportunity for patients to meet together informally has also proved to be well received.